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Who Am I

A passionate and creative Interaction designer wanting to make my own mark within the design industry. I feel that I have gathered a variety of knowledge and experience working with agencies and in-house companies to give me the right amount of experience to begin my journey. I look to expand my knowledge and gain as much experience as I can so that I can better my skills as a UX/UI designer.

What I Do

I am a UI & UX skilled designer, I focus on web and mobile design as well as a passion for photography and filming.

Why Choose Me

I feel that when I design I like to set myself a challenge. Overcoming challanges is what I enjoy to do as it betters my learning and leaves me in a better place at the end of the assignment.

My Skills

Web design

When designing websites the software I use is Brackets, Wordpress and Bootstrap.

App Development

When designing Apps I firstly create paper prototypes for users to test and then design hifi mockups for further testing, this is all done first before I create a working prototype.


I design logo's for a variety of clients as well as for my own projects which are first drawn and then designed within illustartor.

Video & Photography

I create short video's to give people more information about my projects. I use After Effects for the animations and then Premier Pro for piecing the video together.


Processing has been used for a couple of my projects and I have mainly used this to trigger videos and images once it has been sent from Arduino.

Content Development

By user testing throughout the stages of my development I feel that this gives me a stronger result and also makes me think about other possibilities.


I have used Arduino for a variety of projects allowing me to control Rfid, Neo Pixels and bluetooth commands.

Design Sprints

I have taken part and lead design sprints as it I feel that it allows people to get their ideas out quicker, meaning that they can spend more time developing..

My Portfolio

This is me


Bradley Smith

Interaction Designer

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403 Pandongate House,
Newcastle, NE1 2AY


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